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One week ago, fifty-six alums were sworn in as attorneys after successfully passing the difficult California Bar Exam (pictured above).  And yesterday, over two hundred 1Ls completed the difficult first semester of law school.  Both, significant milestones.

And today, I complete the fifth semester for this “family and friends” blog.  It has been a good semester, and I appreciate those of you who tag along for the ride.  It is an honor to walk alongside these students day to day, and I hope you are as proud of them as I am.

This blog will be on hiatus until January 2015.  Although classes resume on Monday, January 5, the blog will not resume until Wednesday, January 7, after I return from the American Association of Law Schools National Meeting.

May all of our students enjoy a well-deserved break, and may all of you enjoy a happy holiday season.


Al Sturgeon
Dean of Students


The Final Finals!

Today is the day – the last day of final exams!  For the student body, a much-needed break is on the way.

Three upper-division finals are scheduled today:

  • Criminal Procedure with Professor McGoldrick
  • Immigration Law with Professor Hill
  • Patent Law with Professor Philpott

And, to end the first-year students’ important first semester of law school–Contracts with Professors Boliek, Chen, and Helfand.

Day Eight of Final Exams

It is the penultimate day of final exams!  There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Six upper-division finals scheduled today:

  • Land Use Planning with Professor Ordin
  • Federal Income Tax of Property Transactions with Professor Bost
  • Entertainment Law with Professor Schwartz
  • Federal Income Tax with Professor Johnson
  • Federal Income Tax with Professor Popovich
  • European Union Law with Professor Turk (in London)

Day Seven of Final Exams

We are starting to come down the home stretch!

Several upper-division finals lined up for today:

  • Comparative Law with Professor Childress
  • Corporations with Professor Bost
  • Asylum & Refugee Law with Judge Einhorn
  • Video Game Law with Professor Blakely
  • Health Care Organizations with Professors Larson and Garner
  • Wine Law with Professor Simas

Day Six of Final Exams

This morning:

  • Federal Estate and Gift Tax with Professor Caron
  • California Civil Procedure with Professor Schultz
  • Remedies with Professor Ogden

This afternoon:

  • Civil Procedure with Professors Goodno, Ogden, and Taha
  • A Supreme View of Bankruptcy with Professor Scarberry
  • Public International Law with Professor Webb (in London)

Day Five of Final Exams

It is a rainy day in the Los Angeles area.  Other than traffic challenges getting to campus, all is well at Pepperdine (other than seeing more rain than normal).

Thankfully, only three upper-division finals on tap this morning, and all are smaller in terms of class size:

  • Copyright Law with Professor McDonald
  • International Tax with Professor Johnson
  • Communications Law with Professor McGoldrick

We have a large (class size) upper-division final scheduled for the afternoon — Wills and Trusts with Professor Knaplund.

And, our London students will be sitting for their Evidence exams with Professor Gash this afternoon, too.

Day Four of Final Exams

Several smaller (in class size) upper-division final exams on tap today:

  • Government Policy and the Regulation of Entertainment and Sports with Professor Delrahim
  • Real Estate Transactions with Professor Kublicki
  • Sex Based Discrimination with Professor Paniccia
  • Law and the Visual Arts with Professor Roosa
  • Law Practice Management and Business Development with Professors Kollar and Selbak
  • Legal Environment of Non-Profit Organizations with Professors DeWalt and Goff

Day Three of Final Exams

Today is a big day because it marks the first final exam for our first-year students.  This afternoon, at 1pm, the 1Ls will sit for their Torts exam with Professors Han, Cupp, and Miller.

In addition, there are several big upper-division exams today:

  • Evidence with Professor Muller
  • Evidence with Professor Goodman
  • Employment with Professor Schultz
  • Legal Spanish with Professor Stewart
  • International Commercial Arbitration with Professor Gregoire (in London)

Day Two of Final Exams

More upper-division finals today (the first 1L final is tomorrow):

  • California Family Law Practice with Professor Petersil
  • Intellectual Property Survey with Professor Schwartz
  • Community Property with Professor Popovich
  • Community Property with Professor Wendel


Day One of Final Exams

Our fall semester final exams last for two weeks.  Today is the first of ten days of finals fun.

A small number of upper-division finals are on tap today:

  • Criminal Procedure with Professor Chase
  • Financing for High-Tech Start-ups with Professor Anderson
  • First Amendment: Freedoms of Speech, Religion, and Related Rights with Professor McDonald
  • Remedies with Professor Gash (in London)