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Day Two of Spring Finals

Our first-year students are on tap this afternoon with their first final of the spring finals season — Contracts.

This morning, three of our popular upper-division courses are testing:

  • Wills & Trusts with Professor Knaplund
  • California Civil Procedure with Professor Schultz
  • Real Estate Finance with Professor Nelson

Day One of Spring Finals

Today marks the first day of two weeks’ worth of spring semester finals.

On tap today:

  • Copyright Law with Professor McDonald
  • International Tax with Professor McCarden
  • Law & the Visual Arts with Professor Roosa
  • Remedies with Professor Scarberry
  • Remedies with Professor Schultz
  • Community Property with Professor Popovich

CPA/Law Society

Although Pepperdine sits in Los Angeles County, we have a strong connection with our neighbors in Ventura County.  Greg Totten, who serves as the district attorney in Ventura County, is a Pepperdine Law alum.  In addition, several members of the judiciary and many attorneys in Ventura County are also part of the Pepperdine family.

For several years now, the CPA/Law Society of Ventura County, a collection of mostly CPA’s and attorneys, has included Pepperdine Law in its annual scholarship luncheon.  Today, I have the honor of attending the luncheon in Camarillo to introduce several of our students as recipients of this year’s scholarship awards.  It will be an honor to introduce Kelsey Maher (one of my teaching fellows in the Academic Success Program), Conor Meeks, and the married student combo of Jacob and Morgan Franz.

Home Stretch

The saying goes that time flies when you are having fun.  It is also said that time flies when you are busy.  I’m not exactly sure what combination of these sayings is responsible, but time surely flies in law school.  (My theory is that the latter is more on point!)

It is almost unbelievable that another academic year is coming to an end.  Classes ended yesterday, and today marks the beginning of a four-day study period prior to the launch of two weeks’ worth of finals on Monday.

There is a palpable tension in the law school during finals season, but the spring semester version feels different.  My experience is that there is a little less fear, but a little more weariness.  At the end of a long year, there seems to be a strong sense that everyone is simply ready to be finished.

And yet, the call to finish strong remains.  I am continually impressed by our students in many ways, which includes the way they buckle down at this time of year and finish strong.  It speaks well of their character and determination.

For those inclined to pray, a word or two for our students’ strength and endurance would be much appreciated.


SOL Student Life Staff LR _4899

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, so it is appropriate that I put the spotlight on Margaret Barfield this morning.  Carlton and I have the privilege of working with Margaret each day, and she is the model of dependability and professionalism.  Margaret carries with her a large repository of institutional knowledge, and I wish I had a nickel for every time the phrase “Check with Margaret” has been uttered!

More importantly, Margaret is a good person with a wonderful heart.  She loves the Pepperdine family, and in turn, the Pepperdine family loves her.

Justice Armand Arabian: From Gravel to Gavel

Our student organizations have hosted many fascinating and thought-provoking events this year, and today’s final event is a wonderful way to close out the year.  In commemoration of the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Pepperdine University Armenian Law Student Association invited retired California Supreme Court Justice, Armand Arabian, to speak about his experiences as a descendant of Genocide survivors.  Justice Arabian served as a California Court of Appeals justice from 1983-1990 and as a California Supreme Court justice from 1990-1993.  This afternoon, in addition to discussing the Genocide, Justice Arabian will also discuss his book, “From Gravel to Gavel,” and his rise to the California Supreme Court.


Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell

Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell is an alumnus of the Pepperdine School of Law.  She also serves on our Board of Visitors.  She also teaches as an adjunct professor.  She also assists in our moot court program.  She also volunteers as a preceptor in our preceptor program.

Oh, and now, she is also a federal district court judge!

One week ago today, the United States Senate unanimously confirmed Judge O’Connell’s nomination.  With that confirmation, Judge O’Connell became the first alumnus of the Pepperdine School of Law to serve as a federal judge!

You can read an article on this great news HERE.

Day Five: Fuel for Finals Week

A happy way to end the last full week of classes!


Day Four: Fuel for Finals Week

Just to clarify:

  1. “Happy Hour” in the Law Library is a regular occurrence.
  2. “Happy Hour” in the Law Library is of the non-alcoholic variety!  🙂

(And, by the way, as the director of the Academic Success Program, I love this poster!)


Day Three: Fuel for Finals Week

Today’s offering will be especially interesting to some students (while probably not at all interesting to others!)!