One week ago, fifty-six alums were sworn in as attorneys after successfully passing the difficult California Bar Exam (pictured above).  And yesterday, over two hundred 1Ls completed the difficult first semester of law school.  Both, significant milestones.

And today, I complete the fifth semester for this “family and friends” blog.  It has been a good semester, and I appreciate those of you who tag along for the ride.  It is an honor to walk alongside these students day to day, and I hope you are as proud of them as I am.

This blog will be on hiatus until January 2015.  Although classes resume on Monday, January 5, the blog will not resume until Wednesday, January 7, after I return from the American Association of Law Schools National Meeting.

May all of our students enjoy a well-deserved break, and may all of you enjoy a happy holiday season.


Al Sturgeon
Dean of Students


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  1. Gillian McKie says:

    Wishing all the staff at the Pepperdine School of Law a peaceful holiday season. Thank you for keeping us in touch with what is going on it is much appreciated

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