Family Day/Arabian Advocacy Competition

We’re just finishing up with Family Day!

Over 120 family members joined us to show their support for their “students”.  After sitting in on Civil procedure class, Dean Tacha gave a spirited address imploring students on the value of a Pepperdine Law degree.  After a panel discussion about the rigors of law school and how to cope, the Armand Arabian Moot competition finals were held.   Congratulations to Amanda Martin for winning the competition and showing off her excellent oral argument skills!  Here’s a photo of the finals in progress:




3 thoughts on “Family Day/Arabian Advocacy Competition

  1. Gillian McKie says:

    Thank you Pepperdine for welcoming us today. It was very exiting to see what our son is experiencing. I was encouraged and reassured to hear that he will get continual support to succeed in his chosen career.

  2. Carol Maves says:

    We had a great time today at Family Day! Our first time on campus with our 1L student. Getting on campus…easy. Shuttle to event…great. Feeling comfortable and invited on campus and to the Law School…priceless! Thanks to all the panel members for encouraging us parents to take a deep breath and chill out. We promise to listen. We have gone almost 12 full hours and have not uttered the words “school” or “go read something” to him! Thanks again to the faculty and staff for such a warm welcome.

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks to everyone for coming out to Family Day! It was a great day!!!

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